What is the Bonus Buy Feature?

Online slots have grown a lot since they were introduced. While in the past they were mostly based on basic combinations of matching symbols, today you have many ways to win by playing them. One of the most fun and easier ways to win in modern video slots is to start a bonus game. It can be anything from Free Spins to a Wheel of Fortune bonus.

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Nevertheless, it is a bonus game that will take you to winnings much faster than what you can normally twist during the base game. To start the bonus game, you need to hit three or more Scatters, collect a certain number of tokens or special symbols, and sometimes even Wilds. And to collect the number you need, you usually have to spin a lot, go through many revolutions. Bonus Buy is therefore a fairly obvious feature that allows you to reach the bonus faster by taking your way to it. With this feature, you don't have to play through hundreds of spins to get the bonus, you just need to pay an amount that is much more than your stake. Usually, the price of the Bonus Buy feature is 50x to 100x the stake, but there are slots where the price can be much higher, such as 750x the stake. And this is the main topic on which most of the controversy lies, whether it is worth it or not.

Pros of buying bonuses

The Bonus Buy feature is by far the fastest shortcut to a bonus round that has already been set up. Thanks to it, you can jump straight to the most appreciated and by far the biggest winning features of the whole slot gameplay. One of the biggest benefits of activating this feature is that in most cases the RTP also increases. Let's say you play the slot with an RTP of 96.00%. This means that if you invest $ 100 in a slot and win everything, you will get $ 96 back and the remaining $ 4 will stay in the machine as the house edge. Now, with the active Bonus Buy feature, the RTP could go up to 96.50%, for example. This will lower the house edge to 3.5% meaning only 3.5 will stay in the machine.

With this feature, players quickly jump straight to the bonus and to the most interesting and profitable part of the game, thus saving a lot of their precious time and frustration. Of course, the bonus rounds are the most attractive part of the slot action. But getting them started can be quite difficult at times. Chasing a bonus round can be frustrating, overwhelming, and even anxious. Additionally, it can cost you much more in the long run compared to the cost you would have to incur to activate the Bonus Buy feature.


Critics say the feature is a nightmare for the addictive and poorly controlling category of online casino players, forcing them to spend much more than they can afford in a very short amount of time. This is why this feature was eventually banned in some key markets. Additionally, this feature can cost a lot. While 50x to 100x is acceptable, there are slots where the Bonus Buy feature costs 350x, 750x, or even 2,000x the stake. So the chances are that you are risking a lot for nothing.

The feature guarantees quick access to the bonus game but not necessarily huge wins. Once you get into the bonus game, your chances of winning a high sum will still depend on your luck.

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